Chimney Liner for a Stove

Why should you have a chimney liner fitted for your new stove?

The point of a liner is to expel the flue gases and smoke caused by the fire, as quickly as possible.  The flue gases from the fire are hot and as they rise, they cool down.  If they cool down too much, the gases fall back into the room, rather than exiting out the top of the chimney.
This is why Building Regulations stipulate that the flue must be no more than 1″ bigger than the stove pipe.  The bigger the flue, the more air there is to cool the gases down.  Ideally the liner will be same the size as the stove spigot  (the section that the stove pipe fits into on the stove) and pipe.

Does your chimney need a liner?

Certified chimney sweep

Of course, not any old chimney sweep will do. You need a sweep who has depth of knowledge and a nice understanding of how chimneys work, and what’s the difference between chimney types, as well as their needs. For this it is best to get a certified chimney sweep, i.e. a member of the Guild of Master Sweeps, who insist that all their members have a minimum standard. They will be well versed in the rules and regulations that pertain to chimneys, and they will be able to pass this knowledge on to you.

The sweep will also be able to advise you on the chimney liner installation, as it is important that you get the right style of liner installation, one that is matched to the chimney and the appliance.

When you look up an old fashioned chimney, there a number of things you notice. There are often irregular and rough surfaces, and these can upset the smooth laminar flow that ensures that the chimney functions at its best. There can be cracks and holes that allow dangerous fumes into bedrooms or other portions of the living space. Not nice, even when it isn’t immediately dangerous.

So, do you install a twin wall stainless flexible tube, or do you go for something like the Eldfast ceramic paste?  As in all things, a discussion between you, your certified chimney sweep and your HETAS engineer installer will ensure that you get the best out of your chimney liner installation.

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