Why it’s Important to Use a Certified Chimney Sweep

So, why should you only ever use a certified chimney sweep?Certified Chimney Sweep

Unregulated Industry

Well, it may seem obvious to say that a competent chimney sweep will do the job well, but there is more to it than that. You may not realise it, but there is absolutely no requirement for a chimney sweep to be competent or to be a certified certified chimney sweep.

Now, would you want a non-trained or non-qualified ‘mechanic’ to fix your car or carry out the annual MOT and service and risk your car being unroadworthy? Thought not!

So, why would you enlist a non-qualified chimney sweep to carry out your annual chimney sweep and potentially result in your home insurance being nul and void and worse still, risk the safety of your home and family?

Until comparatively recently, there wasn’t even a nationally recognised qualification for chimney sweeps, and it wasn’t until we as a firm took control of the situation and created one. Our first step was to create the City & Guilds qualification, and after that, we were asked by the government body who were looking at creating an NVQ in chimney sweeping to help them in setting up that qualification too.

Eventually we started the Guild of Master Sweeps, and when that organisation looked to have a nationally recognised qualification, they asked to use our work as the basis for the nationally recognised qualification that results in sweeps becoming certified chimney sweeps.

Now, chimney sweeps are all too often seen as a kind of joke profession, not a real job, just something that people do to make a bit of money on the side. The problem is, how can people determine whether a given chimney sweep is to be trusted or not?  After all, anyone can say they are a good sweep, a clean sweep or whatever.

What to Look For  in your Certified Chimney Sweep

In order to get a competent chimney sweep, it is important to look for confirmation that you are hiring a certified chimney sweep. Check their advert and look for those words.  Make sure they are fully trained, accredited and insured. There is far more to sweeping a chimney than simply shoving a brush up it. A certified chimney sweep will have the knowledge base to spot if there is a problem or potential problem with your chimney, fireplace or surround and advise you as to what is the best course of action to take to fix it. They’ll be able to answer any queries or concerns you may have or advise on any issues you have experienced, plus a certified chimney sweep has your best interests of safety in your home, at heart, and is of their upmost importance to make sure your chimney and fireplace remain in good and safe working order for another year.

If you have any doubt as to whether your chimney sweep is a certified chimney sweep, just ask them for details. After all, a certified chimney sweep will no doubt love to talk to you about their training and experience and things they have seen over the years.

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