Chimney and fireplace checks

Spring into action with these chimney and fireplace checks!

Spring is finally upon us and it’s great to see the daffodils spring to life andChimney and Fireplace Spring Care the days are getting longer.

Many of us will be coming out of our own winter hibernation, putting our fires out, dusting off our lawn mowers and turning our attentions to the garden or embarking on some home improvements in a quest to create our own ‘Grand Design’ having spent the winter months watching ‘George’s Amazing Spaces’ and ‘Restoration Man’!

Before you forget about your chimney and fireplace for another season, just remember to carry out the following Spring chimney and fireplace checks so that come next Autumn and winter, your chimney and fireplace will be in top good working order and safe to use again:

Keep an eye out for birds nesting in your chimney– Our feathered friends like nesting in our chimneys and can cause blockages which could result in a chimney fire
Store any remaining fuel in a dry place  – Burning damp fuel is the main cause of soot and tar build up
Inspect your chimney breast –  Carry out your own checks to your chimney
Book your annual chimney sweep – Maintain your chimney to ensure it is safe to use! Avoid the risk of a chimney fire from built up soot and tar and to ensure your home insurance isn’t invalidated.
Install a chimney balloon – Help prevent drafts

If you have any queries or worries about your fireplace, please feel free to call us on 01223 964803

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