Why a Stove Installation Can Save You Money

People often ask exactly how a stove installation can save you money.

Stove installs are an investment

Stove installations are a very real investment, and you can easily spend a thousand pounds on one, (though there are cheaper ones). However such a stove installation is not just a simple spend, like a better dining table or a new set of curtains. It is a very real investment, and it is possibly the investment that is fastest at amortising that investment.

Double glazing can take decades, some say 70 years to pay back the cost of installation.  Stove installations though do so much, much faster.

Open fire wastage

If you have an open fire, then 24/7 there is a steady flow of warm air up that chimney, warm air that you have paid to heat.  The mere act of installing and fitting a stove stops that flow dead, and reduces it to a tiny trickle.  That’s an instant save, as you are no longer wasting energy on that flow.

The save is even more impressive when you consider what happens when you light the fire. With an open fire, the steady flow of warm air up the chimney turns into a torrent of hot air once the fire is lit. The amount of air is HUGELY increased, and now it isn’t warm, it’s hot, hot, hot.

In contrast, when you light a stove, while the flow of air is increased, it isn’t by much, and now of course the fire is completely under your command. Firstly, it now takes much less heat to warm the room, because you are no longer heating that torrent of air.  Second, when the room starts to get warm, the stove can be shut right down so that the fuel consumption is negligible. Compare that to an open fire which is effectively uncontrollable. Once a log is on an open fire, it burns at full tilt, compared to a stove installation where in can be turned off at the twist of an air control.

Fuel Bill

Your woodshed will really speak loudest. No longer will you be using so much wood, and you will be burning less wood, and getting more out of it, and your wallet won’t have to bear so much strain.

To recap, the three main reasons a stove installation can save you money are:

  1.  Your heated air will no longer be escaping up your chimney.
  2. Installing a stove can, on average, increase the value of your property by 5% according to London estate agents (see our article here for more information).
  3.  Your fuel bill we be decreased by as much as 80% (see our article here for more information).

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