Local Chimney Sweeps for Homes in Essex & Saffron Walden

If you are searching for Essex chimney sweeps it pays to ensure that you pick one that is certified by the nationally recognised body - The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps (Guild). The Guild ensures that all its members are operating to a minimum standard recognised nationwide. Guess what? Our founder Bil Wight also found The Guild and all of our chimney sweeps are members! Thus we are able to provide you with a local certified service for your home in Saffron Walden or the surrounding Essex area.

Essex is the spiritual home of the Jackdaw. They have spread further north now than when we started sweeping in 1980, but they were and still are a major problem for chimney owners in Saffron Walden and the Essex region. Our chimney sweeps are used to being faced with a solid mountain of twigs jam packed into customer’s chimneys when trying to sweep, and when we say mountain we are not exaggerating. Obviously there are many other problems which they face too but having the expert knowledge to deal with such problems allows us to provide you with an expert service and advice needed to bird proof your chimney.

There are a lot of terminals that will stop birds but must NOT be used over an appliance that is in use including the breather and the hooded insert. It is vital to know which terminals are illegal, which are legal but unadvisable, and which are both legal effective and safe. Get it wrong, and you could fill the room with smoke the next time you light your fire and worst still, damage it beyond repair. This is where our chimney sweeps are on hand, if you are unsure what to use just ask them during your next clean.

So if you think that you are playing landlord to some unwanted houseguests at your home in Saffron Walden or the surrounding Essex area, give us a call and we will do our best to see that the eviction is carried out as painlessly and cleanly as possible. If you are just after your annual chimney sweep, we can also help you too! Call us on 01223 964305 today.

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