Certified Chimney Sweeps Serving Homes in Cambridge, Peterborough, Ely, Huntingdon & Cambridgeshire

On the hunt for local chimney sweeps in Cambridgeshire? Then look no further. Here at Ablewight Chimney Services we are the masters of chimney sweeping and can provide you with certified sweeps who can expertly clean your chimney whether you are located in Cambridge, Peterborough, Ely or Huntingdon. We also serve the nearby Cambridgeshire areas.

Cambridge may not be the city of dreaming spires but its chimneys are second to none, divided into a mix of modern and pre 1965. While there are plenty of pre Victorian chimneys, the bulk of chimneys that we deal with in Cambridgeshire are in fact Victorian – although they far outlived the monarch unfortunately they bit the dust in 1965 when they were finally banned. The reason for this? The regulating bodies finally recognised the scale of the problem; crumbling liners and fuming issues connected with the materials used. Victorian chimneys were made of bricks in a cement mortar matrix with the internal surfaces skimmed or ‘parged’ with a layer of cement mortar. This mortar was attacked by the acidic flue gasses which turned the cement to a friable dust that was thicker than the cement it replaced.

No matter what type of chimney you own in your Cambridge, Peterborough, Ely, Huntingdon or Cambridgeshire home, our expert certified chimney sweeps will be able to provide you with a professional clean. All of our team of sweepers are fully trained and belong to the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps. Before working with us, they must provide us with up to date insurances whilst meeting our challenging standards. This way, you can feel reassured that you are guaranteed a high quality service.

For our chimney sweeps, Cambridgeshire is a charming place to sweep and their work takes them to all sorts of interesting properties. From opulent university buildings in the city of Cambridge reminiscent with history, to tiny artisan houses and cottages in the Cambridgeshire countryside where it’s a tight squeeze to get their cleaning gear in and out. Travelling further afield to Ely and Peterborough, our sweeps are also able to enjoy the beautiful cathedrals and Hinchingbrooke Country Park in Huntingdon whilst cleaning the chimneys in these areas too.

So if you’re having a problem with the chimney in your Cambridgeshire home or you are just due you annual clean, give us a call and we will do our best to make sure that the experience is as painless as possible.

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