Choosing a Stove Installer

Some questions we often hear are “Who will fit my stove?  Which stove installers are the best?  Why should I use a HETAS engineer?

Well, when it comes to choosing stove installers, recommendation is always king, but it pays to also look for a couple of check points.  Stove installers should always be HETAS engineers, to whit, they should have passed the relevant nationally recognised tests to demonstrate competence.  HETAS stands for Heating, Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme and is the Cordon Bleu of the industry, so to speak.

Stove installers have to be HETAS engineers, because the job that they do can kill you.  A stove installation that is incorrectly installed can allow monoxide fumes into the living space, which if only mild can affect your health over a long period of time.  If serious, then death can ensue.

Then there’s the risk of fire.  There are several aspects of a log burner installation that can be a fire risk.  The distance of the stove or the flue to anything combustible, like a wood mantelpiece or a fire surround is of enormous importance, as if they get too hot, they can ignite.

Chimney fires are also important.  An incorrectly installed liner can be a fire risk, and having your chimney alight is not the joke that many people see it as.  For example, a chimney fire can invalidate the guarantee on your liner, as well as damage it seriously.

So, don’t take risks.  Ensure your stove installer is a HETAS engineer, and you and your wood burning stove installation can live happily ever after.  For tips on how to pick from the HETAS Engineers, read our article here.

HETAS Installer

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