Worried about Birds Nesting?

So are some of our customers and with good reason!

Last year we removed over 50 bird’s nests from our customer’s chimneys and in the last 5 weeks we have already installed 28 bird guards.

If you’re worried about or suspect birds nesting in your chimney, or have good reason to believe they are already nesting, do not light a fire in an attempt to burn out the nest!  This is very dangerous and can act as kindling and fuel for a chimney fire and also there is the danger of fumes to consider.

Please do get in touch to book a chimney inspection and one of our trained chimney sweeps will be able to come out to your property and happy to advise on what’s the best action to take.

Jackdaws tend to revisit the same place each year, so the best way to prevent birds nesting in your chimney and avoid all the associated problems and dangers with birds nesting, is to bird proof your flue by having a bird guard installed.

There are some important dos and don’ts to consider when shopping for a bird guard…

Not everything that is sold as a cure for birds is OK or even safe to use.  Hooded pots for example, when not actually illegal, as some are, can be a real problem. This is because sometimes we have to push some nesting material out of the pot, and if the pot is hooded, we can’t then push the material out.

Then there are the substandard bird guards.  Don’t cement wire mesh over the top.  The cement will fail with time, and the whole mass can come smashing down on your roof.

Don’t wrap wire mesh around the pot.

Don’t install wire mesh domes that clip to the pot – they will fall off with a single touch from a brush.

Do make sure that you choose a purpose-built bird guard.

Even then there can be problems….

Do make sure that they are made of Stainless steel, NEVER from steel coated with plastic – as these are very vulnerable to corrosion.

Don’t ever buy one that hooks onto the inside of the pot.  They are a chimney sweeps nightmare, as the fixing is insubstantial and comes loose very easily.

If the bird guard is secured with clips fitted to the outside or prongs fitted to the inside, then it will be pushed out when hit by the brush.




In this case the sweep will not clean the bird guard because of the risk of causing damage to your roof and cars below.

For this reason, we only recommend and sell bird guards that are fastened with a jubilee clip that attaches outside the pot and beneath the lip. A well fitted clip ensures your bird guard stays put no matter how hard it’s struck.

The best option is a stainless-steel bird guard. These can be terracotta coloured if you desire and have a strap fitting which locks to the outside of the pot – away from the brush.  These will last for a long time, which is great, because it isn’t just the cost of the bird guard you need to consider, but the cost of getting it up there, which can add up if it has to be replaced every year!

The Eco Hi Top is our most popular bird guard for the following reasons:

  • Stainless steel won’t rust
  • Available in terracotta, silver or cream
  • A rain top stops birds nesting and prevents rain entering your flue
  • Connects to your chimney pot using a jubilee strap
  • Is made to suit any size chimney pot
  • Can be circular or square to suit your chimney pot

Bird guard installation

At Ablewight Chimney Services we can supply and install a bird guard off-ladders (where possible) for ONLY £210.00 +VAT.

For further information or to book a bird guard installation, please do get in touch and one of our sweeping team members will be happy to help and advise.

Email us on bookings@ablewightchimneyservices.co.uk or call today on 01223 964305

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