What is a HETAS Installer?


The tests they have to go through require comprehensive theoretical knowledge of all the rules and regulations as laid out in the British Standards and Building regulations. They also have to pass a number of practical tests demonstrating competence in pipework, diagnostic techniques and problem solving, where they are faced with a number of installations that all have various faults and problems that need identifying and addressing.

Why is that important? Well, as the proverb says, fire is a good friend but a bad master, and if things go wrong with an appliance, it can get very nasty, especially if it results in the release of fumes into the living space.

Carbon monoxide is lethal in high levels, but exposure to even small doses regularly can be very bad for your health.  Worse, such exposure is notoriously difficult to spot.  There are no blinding headaches as with heavy exposure, just mild flu like symptoms that have fooled even doctors.

So, when you book HETAS installers or HETAS engineers, you know you are going to get someone who has the breadth of knowledge and practical application to ensure that the work that they do will be to the highest standards, and any risks to you will be eliminated.

Having said that, like all industries, there is a difference between the quality of service provided by installers.  Just because they are registered with HETAS isn’t going to guarantee you’ll receive an excellent service all round.

Our tips for selecting a superb HETAS Installer:

  1. Review the customer reviews on Google
  2. Review the customer reviews on Facebook (if they have a page)
  3. Are they Trading Standards Approved?
  4. Do they have Public Liability Insurance of at least £5 million?
  5. Are they able to put you in touch with a previous customer?*
  6. Do they have a code of conduct?

*This may be unlikely but if you’re able to speak to a previous customer you can obtain a wealth of information such as; were they on time? Were there any hidden charges? Did they make a mess? Were they polite on site?  While some of these questions aren’t relevant to the quality of the installation, they do impact your experience overall and are important to bear in mind.

HETAS Installer

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