Stove Installation Certificate

Have you just moved into a property with a stove but there’s no stove installation certificate?

We regularly receive calls from people who have just moved into a property with a multi fuel stove who have no paperwork about it.

In most instances this isn’t an issue as we can sweep the chimney and provide a Sweeping Certificate stating whether or not it’s fit for use.

However, if the property is thatched, your planning on renting the property out or your insurance company has specific requirements concerning the installation of the stove and or/liner, the lack of paperwork can cause big headaches.

Why?  Well your insurance provider is looking for evidence that the stove and liner has been installed by a competent person.

But luckily, there’s a way to solve the situation.


If the installer was a HETAS registered Installer, then they should have sent a copy of the installation certificate to HETAS.  To check, just call HETAS ( and give them your address.  If they do have the certificate on record they’ll charge you approximately £20 for a copy to be sent.

Building Control – Your Local Council

If you have no joy with HETAS, then your second option is to get in contact with your local council.  For installers that aren’t HETAS registered, they can pay for the local Building Inspector to attend and certify their work.  Hopefully, they’ll still have a copy of the certificate on file and can send you a copy.

If Building Control don’t have a copy of the certificate then your third and final option is to arrange for your Building Inspector to attend and certify the installation.  This will cost somewhere in the region of £250 but you’ll have the necessary paperwork to appease your insurance company.

Can’t another installer provide the certificate?

Not one in their right mind.  In order for someone else to sign off an installation they haven’t carried out, they are taking responsibility for someone else’s workmanship and the quality of materials that have been used.  This means accepting liability for any issues that may happen.


Please note, prices quoted in this article are correct at time of writing.

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