Ready to Light your Fire?

Now that the days are getting shorter, the nights are drawing in and we’ve experienced our first ‘storm’ of the season, dare we even think about lighting our fires and stoves yet?

The thought has definitely crossed my mind at home a few times over the last week and I think I may just give in this weekend!

Getting cosy in from of the fire!

If you too are going to give in and light your first fire of the season over the weekend, here’s our quick guide and tips for lighting a fire:

  • Put the paper out for recycling and start with kiln dried hardwood logs.
  • Arrange them in the hearth so they form a solid layer at the bottom.
  • Then build the fire upside down on that with the small twigs at the top.  A useful tip, if you have a garden is throughout the year, take all the trimmings, twigs and prunings and cut them into small bits, and store it in the garage, or somewhere dry in a cardboard box.  When dry, it is excellent kindling.
  • Finally, take a fire lighter – or if you are mean like me, half a fire lighter and tuck it into the twigs before you light a fire.

Now, as the twigs burn and drop, all the hot bits fall onto the kiln dried hardwood at the bottom, where they create a hot heart that starts the logs off that bit quicker.  Should the fire falter or not catch, the joy is that you don’t have to dirty your hands with sooty twigs.  Simply put another handful of twigs on the top of the fire and you are good to go immediately.

So to recap.

  1. Don’t light your fire the usual way.
  2. Scrap the paper and build it upside down.
  3. Use twigs and prunings from the garden as a source of kindling when dry.
  4. The best fuel to use is kiln dried hardwood logs
  5. Keep your chimney safe and clean by getting a certified chimney sweep every year.



Don’t forget to get your chimney swept annually (even if you have a stove installed)! It is vital for maintaining its safety and to avoid the risk of a chimney fire. Make sure that you get a certified chimney sweep and listen to his advice.  As a certified chimney sweep he will have a wealth of information at his finger tips and will be able to give your chimney the once over as he sweeps it so as to make sure it is safe as well as clean and to avoid the risk of a chimney fire.

CALL 01223 964792 NOW to book your annual sweep, complete our online booking form or email

Make sure you are safe for the Autumn and Winter ahead!

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