Get Set to Light Our Fires – Annual Chimney Sweep

Many of us are likely to be in denial that summer is over and that it’s getting damp in the mornings and evenings and wishing that maybe we will have just one more hot spell, before we reside ourselves to the fact that the evenings are starting to draw in and it is in fact autumn and the start of burning season.

Whether you have already lit your fire to take the edge off the chill in the evenings or are prolonging it for as long as possible waiting on another warm spell, please remember to be safe and check your chimney and fireplaces before you light a fire.

Statistics show that there are approximately 7,000 chimney fires a year in England but most of them are avoidable.

Below is a short list of what to remember and to do before your first fire of the season to help keep you and your home safe:

  1. Check smoke alarm
  2. Check carbon monoxide alarm
  3. Have your chimney cleaned annually
  4. Check your fuel levels
  5. Check the moisture content of your wood
  6. If you have a chimney balloon installed, remove it
  7. Remove any decorative items that might have been in your fireplace or on your stove
  8. Remove any stored kindling, newspaper or logs from your fireplace or from around your stove so it’s a safe distance away.

Do you need your annual chimney sweep before burning season starts?

Please call us on 01223 964792 to book your annual chimney sweep with one of our fully trained sweeps.

When we clean your chimney, we’re:

  • Ensuring your flue is clear of any blockages be it soot, tar, nests or cobwebs
  • Inspecting the quality of soot that comes down to ensure it’s not unnecessarily damaging your chimney
  • Assessing whether or not your chimney is at risk of chimney fires due to evidence of creosote or tar
  • Inspecting the outside of your chimney stack to ensure it meets with current building regulations
  • Inspecting your solid fuel stove or open fireplace to ensure its installation meets current building regulations
  • Advising on types of fuel good for burning and how to store it so the moisture content stays low and therefore reducing the risk of chimney fires.

Why’s it important to have your chimney swept by a certified chimney sweep? Check out our article here

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