Up, Up and Away!

The build-up of tar and creosote in your chimney or stove, is often caused by burning the wrong fuel. If left, over time it can cause problems and at worst result in a chimney fire.

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Heavy Tar and Soot Lined Chimney – Dangerous Levels

By checking the moisture content of your fuel with a moisture meter and ensuring it is less than 20% moisture, helps prevent the build-up of tar and creosote.

The best way to maintain the safety of your chimney is ensuring you have

your annual chimney sweep if you regularly burn sold fuel.

If this hasn’t been possible or you are worried about the condition of your chimney, we can check the flue for you.

Don’t risk a chimney fire and the safety of your family!


Rid your chimney of any soot or tar that may have built-up over the winter.

If creosote or tar is discovered and at a level that we would recommend the removal of with our cre-away treatment, we are offering all of our customers £50 OFF* Cre-away treatment.

Our cre-away treatment is excellent at removing tar and creosote deposits


Please just call us on 01223 964305 or email bookings@ablewightchimneyservices.co.uk to book your annual chimney sweep and inspection.

* £50 off all Cre-away treatments booked and carried out by 31st July 2017. Quote ‘UPAWAY50’ when booking.

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