Chimney Bird Guard

When it comes to a chimney bird guard we’ve seen it all.

Many chimney bird guard designs are flawed (particularly attachments), some don’t suit the age of the property, and others simply don’t work. So what do you need to know before you buy one?

Things to consider when buying a chimney bird guard

  • What do you need it to do?
  • How obtrusive is it?
  • Can it be securely fitted?

What you need to know when buying a chimney bird guard

Firstly, you need to consider how the bird guard will be fitted to your pot or stack as poorly attached bird guards can cause untold damage. Your chimney sweep should also be able to manoeuvre the brush into the bird guard with ease. If the bird guard is secured with clips fitted to the outside or prongs fitted to the inside, then it will be pushed out when hit by the brush. In this case the sweep will not clean the bird guard because of the risk of causing damage to your roof and cars below.

For this reason, we only recommend bird guards that are fastened with a jubilee clip that attaches outside the pot and beneath the lip. A well fitted clip ensures your bird guard stays put no matter how hard it’s struck.

The Eco Hi Top is the guard we recommend for the following reasons:

  • Stainless steel won’t rust
  • Available in terracotta, silver or cream
  • A rain top stops birds nesting and prevents rain entering your flue
  • Connects to your chimney pot using a jubilee strap
  • Is made to suit any size chimney pot
  • Can be circular or square to suit your chimney pot
  • Enables the chimney sweep to enter the brush into the guard and clean the wire


Chimney Bird Guard

Ecco Hi Top Chimney Bird Guard

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